• Brent Keath

Top 4 Reasons You Should Go to a Game Convention

Game conventions are an amazing experiences for gamers and designers alike. If you love games are are designing one, you should definitely look at your list of upcoming conventions and here's why.

1. Connections - Every game convention I have gone to has led me to meet new people who I have stayed in touch with afterward. Sometimes I meet people who live in my same city, while other times I have met others from across the country (I'm talking about you, Paul, from California). I have also learned a lot from the other game developers I have met there and each of us connect on social media regularly. Also, at the convention itself, there are always plenty of gamers to play with (and it's always great going to a later convention and running into an old friend). There are also awesome game designers to meet. If you're fans of their games you can ask them questions (all of the ones I have met are very nice). At Save Against Fear alone I met creators from DPH Games, One Day West Games, Muffin Games, Jealous Cat Games, and Nomnivore Games, all of whom I stay in touch with. Every single one of them has given me advice and assistance as I prepare for the Furtherance Kickstarter and I am grateful to every last one of them. Now that's not to say you will get lucky like me and meet 5 awesome designers who are willing to help you, but if you don't go to conventions your chances of meeting any fellow designers is slim.

Great games by local game designers we met at Save Against Fear 2018!

2. Games - Every game convention I have gone to have amazing game libraries. I have seen games that haven't even come out yet! If you're like me and have a list of games you want but can't get (I'm looking at you Root and Keyforge) conventions are great places to play them. This also gives a great chance to play any games you've had your eye on that you haven't gotten to play yet. Which brings us to...

3. Deals - Most conventions have designers who give discounts on their games, auctions rooms who will sell used games at a discount (at Euroquest my wife and I got 8 games for $80), game raffles, and even play-to-win tournaments. If you're looking to get some new games to your shelf (and who isn't) game conventions are the place to go.

The huge stack of games we took home from the EuroQuest 2018 auction room.

4. Fun - I have so many great memories from conventions. And will continue making more. Find one locally and try it out. I'm confident you'll love it! Here's a nice long list to get you started.


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