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Run your very own paper company branch, while navigating the shifting economy, hiring employees, and maintaining your branch's morale.  In Paper Company, the economy is determined for all players based on a single die roll each round. The higher the roll is, the better the economy and the stronger each players' actions will perform that round. Once the economy is determined, all players simultaneously choose 1 of 5 actions based on the roll:

  • Human Resources: To increase morale

  • Accounting: To gain money

  • Purchasing: To buy paper

  • Sales: To sell paper

  • Recruiting: To hire or fire employees


By acquiring employees you can influence the roll for specific actions, gain benefits when other players perform matching actions, and obtain abilities unique to that employee. However, you must also be wary of how you treat your employees, as each branch has unique benefits, or detriments, based on how your employees feel about your management style.  With 6 unique branches and 40 unique employees, every game plays out differently. How will you manage your unique branch? Will you focus on one action, allowing other players to take advantage of your repetition? Will you get and keep morale high to reap the benefits of happy, productive employees, or try to make money quickly and work around the consequences? Will you focus on recruiting and fill your office with as many employees as you can, or will you try to avoid employees altogether and run the office by yourself?

Here is your pool of potential employees!  Who will you hire?