By Brent and Jillian Keath

Art by Michael Logsdon, Gabriel Patiño, Giovanni Spadaro, and Elizabeth Gasse

A kingdom awaits your guidance as they seek to begin progressing into the future through construction, acquisition, and war. Furtherance is a competitive, tactical, engine-building game.

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1-4 players

30 minutes per player

Due to a manufacturing error, many copies of Furtherance are missing baggies. If you ordered a copy and did not get baggies, you can request them by filling out this form.. We apologize for this error.

In the distant land of Areia, four kingdoms have sat dormant for centuries, as the kingdoms have peacefully focused on fulfilling the immediate needs of their citizens.  However, a new generation is rising, your generation, and, as your parents leave the throne, you decide it is time to stop sitting around and start making history within your kingdom. The path you choose is your own, ranging from building immaculate parks, to selecting a recruit to fulfill the quest for the Holy Grail. But beware, while this new generation may be full of visionaries, they recognize their visions may come with a cost. And some will stop at nothing to meet their lofty goals, even if it means burning down that park you just built, stealing the Holy Grail, or taking over your entire kingdom.

Furtherance is a fast-paced action selection engine-building game, with tactical army recruiting and movement for 1-4 players.  Throughout the game you will be constructing buildings (for long-term effects), recruiting/tactically moving units (to defend yourself, attack others, and/or complete tasks for victory points), and buying items (useful one-time use effects) to create the best kingdom in the land. Furtherance was brought to life on March 24th, 2019 by 131 backers on Kickstarter and is scheduled to be released in April 2020.

Art of Furtherance
   by Michael Logsdon
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