Furtherance, the gateway kingdom and army building strategy game, is available now!

What is a "Flannel Games?"

Flannel Games is an indie tabletop game publisher created by Brent and Jillian Keath.  We strive to make fun games that are easy-to-learn, strategic, and create lasting memories.


What is Furtherance?

Furtherance was the first game released by Flannel Games.  After a successful Kickstarter, we released it into retail in August 2020. It was built so that gamers could have a short civilization-style game with a lower learning curve for non-gamers.


What is Paper Company?

Paper Company is a simultaneous action selection game where players take on the role of a small paper company manager, and attempt to balance their need to earn money while keeping up the morale of their employees, or suffering the consequences of angry employees.